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 Jeff Hardy enters.

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Real Name Of Superstar: : Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Wrestler : Jeff Hardy
Hometown : Cameron, Nort Carolina.
Finishers : Twist Of Fate, Swanton Bomb
Registration date : 2008-01-26

PostSubject: Jeff Hardy enters.   Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:14 pm

The scene begins and the show is being aired and fans go electric and them go wild and watch the titantron blast through P.A. and Jeff Hardy is backstage and is in heís locker room and is practising moves and is punching a punching bag. And then he takes a rest and then somebody knocks on heís door and then Jeff Hardy goes to open it and it is RVD at the door.

Rob Van Dam l The Whole Damn Show

Hey Jeff Hardy, thought that I would wish you luck tonight. And you know what Iím not here to attack you or anything alright I just hope to see a win from you or either me.

Jeff Hardy l Enigma
Thatís alright Rob, I now respect you and over the years me and you havenít been great but I wanna put that behind my backside alright cause we are friends now. Look for me to get on the tough side of you and me wouldnít be a good neither bad thing. And I know what you did to Matt weeks ago and I hope that wasnít suppose to really be a offensive attack, cause I remember and I know he ainít in the rumble after that and you better be giving respect cause im quite pissed to the core and I hope you donít make it worse. And tonight I know itís the rumble and I hope to see greatness not horribleness. That ainít the way I role alright. I maybe the less speaking one but I know when I gotta do it in the ring and that time is now to do it.



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Jeff Hardy enters.
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