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 Cutting Edge: You think you know me.

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Real Name Of Superstar: : Adam Copeland
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PostSubject: Cutting Edge: You think you know me.   Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:00 pm

The scene starts with cutting Edge and Edge is waiting for a superstar.

Edge l The Rated R Superstar
Now i know that this is XNA. But i wanted to think first and i made my mind up and i say how about are first. And you know what im going to have my very first Cutting Edge. And i know that i am out of ideas and i was thinking to myself if there is a loser in the back who would dare to come out and have a coversation well bring it.

TBC By Anyone
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Real Name Of Superstar: : Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Wrestler : Jeff Hardy
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PostSubject: Re: Cutting Edge: You think you know me.   Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:58 pm

The fans are shocked to see Jeff Hardy and he starts taunting. The fans try to get the beat and they get it.
He runs and high fives most of the fans and then he throws the towel at the back of his trouser and then one of the fans catch it he then puts the thumbs up. Jeff Hardy walks up the steps and then runs into the ring and stands on the ropes taunting to the screaming crowd. Edge looks shocked and Jeff Hardy smiles.

Jeff Hardy l The Enigma l The Risktaker l The Rising star l

Sorry to interrupt Edge. But the fans don't want to hear that radio shit. I mean compared to you and your ex girl you sure are stupid. I mean you and the rumble just don't match for a win. You know me and i know you and for were this is going the is no way that you're gonna win the rumble. Every night i look back at what you did and i say i wonder what next Edge is up to. And try to get out of things that invole you. Wanna know why? you're crazy sad and you have know respect for the fans, for XNA superstars and mostly me in the ring as your guest and i know you ain't that repectful so im gonna say that if you wan't me and Shelly next week against you and MVP. Then i would love to face you. Me and Shelly are gonna beat the crap out of you and i know that you can't say a thing and i know that what you wanna say. You ain't gonna say cause at All is Revenge im gonna take it you, like i haven't before. And you know what i wanna see what Shelly says. And does he wanna team with me at All is Revenge.

Rated R Punk-Edge
Jagged-Alex Shelly.


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Cutting Edge: You think you know me.
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