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 Entering The Building.

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=Rey Is God=

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PostSubject: Entering The Building.   Sat Feb 02, 2008 8:43 am

Rey Mysterio’s past matches have been exciting and have managed to defeat Batista. Last week Mysterio got a hard thought win when he hit a cross body senton onto Batista’s lungs. This win wasn’t done in Batista’s head. So Batista set an open challenge to Mysterio for XNA World Title. And Mysterio accepted the challenge.
Would Rey Mysterio take good pride in winning this tune in to find out?

Scene 1 l Mysterio entering the building

The scene begins in Chicago and many superstars start roaming around.
A limo arrives and the superstar exits the limo. And the person to exit that limo was none other than Rey Mysterio. Jeff Hardy is training in the gym and is looking bored, he then looks at he’s watch. Mysterio spots Jeff and waves to him.

Rey Mysterio_ll Mexican Risktaker_
Wassup Jeff….you doing good. Do you think that you might win that Collision Rumble?

Jeff Hardy_ll_The Enigma
Yeah…I could, well I think I could, because you know it’s been my life to win a prestige title here in XNA. I know that you would beat Batista tonight. What about you though you cool?

Rey Mysterio _ll_ Mexican Risktaker
Thanks for the luck Jeff. You’ll be a good opponent. In the Collision Rumble this good be your good chance, I know it and I hope so. Cause your style is great, in the ring Jeff. But on the other side you still have Edge on your tail. This could be bad for you, I telling you if you need help and anyway on the bright side you might win if there is no Edge and if Edge gets hurt before the match. You know Edge and him faking he’s injury most of the time. I bet this could come out in a great way and great style, the people competing this year could be seriously good and I guess you carry on training, and good luck with it. Because you and I are going to really need it, so good luck. This could go any way Jeff.
So try best and do what you do best.

Rey Mysterio walks away with a cool grin and waves back before he goes.

Had permission from Enigma to use Hardy.
TBC By Rising Enigma.

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PostSubject: Re: Entering The Building.   Sat Feb 02, 2008 11:57 am

Jeff Hardy l The Enigma
Yeah bye...rey. You know that rumble chance could be mine and yeah you're right.


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Entering The Building.
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