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 Edge enters the building.(Will Edit)

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PostSubject: Edge enters the building.(Will Edit)   Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:04 pm

Roleplaying for:30 Man Royal Rumble

Scene 1 | Entering The Building

The sky is breezing people wearing coats in the serious weather and the advert of TNA Impact ends and
the "Rise Today" begins and hits the P.A System.The fans are cheering and the show begins, the commentators annouce the card for this week.

Tazz l The Colour Commentator
Hi im Tazz and im ringside with my loser Tenay.

Mike Tenay l The Quiter One
Thank you....Tazz.For are card well this is very important and i think this will be a great PPV.

Tazz l The Colour Commentator
Great aint the word for a PPV.I tell what is awesome.You gotta use that word to describe are card.

In the back a limo arrives and there is a superstar in a leather jacket and is wearing shades.The person exits
the limo and goes to the building and enters and takes off the shades revieling Edge.The superstars in the back are smiling at Edge and others are practising moves.Edge grins and signals world champ, they all ignore him and look mad.Edge looks scared and walks away in quick pace.And then makes it to hes locker room and starts lifting weights and sees the Edgeheads and calls them to come in.

Brett Major & Zack Ryder l Edgehead
Hey Edge.

Edge l Rated R Superstar
Hey...you do know you to have the royal rumble and your gonna help me right.

To Carry On

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Edge enters the building.(Will Edit)
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